Our Restaurants

Your local BURGERFI isn’t some industrialized fast food giant. They were started in a gourmet kitchen, by gourmet Chefs. Not knowing fast food, the back of the house is built to be less burger joint, more five-star restaurant. When they needed a sauce, the Chefs didn’t call a food supplier. They started chopping. Mixing. Cooking. Making better choices. BURGERFI is better to people: serving only the finest natural, certified angus burgers, dogs, hand-cut fries, frozen custard, craft beer, wine and more. They’re better to the environment: each location is built to environmentally sustainable best practices and includes earth-friendly elements.

chuy's mexican food tex mex tuscaloosaChuy’s Mexican Food
While we refer to our food as “Tex-Mex”, our menu is made up of a combination of flavors, with recipes and ingredients from across New Mexico, Mexican border towns, the Rio Grande Valley, deep South Texas, Austin and beyond. Our Green Chile sauce recipe was “borrowed” from a little hole-in-the-wall in Española, New Mexico, and our fajita marinade is an old South Texas family recipe (used at some “infamous” South Padre Island beach parties.) Mike and John wanted to bring FRESH to Tex-Mex, and that commitment to food is still the core of everything Chuy’s does today.


nothingbutnoodlesNothing But Noodles

Using only the highest quality, freshest ingredients, Nothing But Noodles serves a variety of garden fresh salads and wok-seared noodle and pasta dishes (with gluten free options), drawn on a variety of cultural influences from around the world including Asian, European, Mediterranian and American all in a fast-casual, fun, non-tipping atmosphere. The restaurant will encompass roughly 4200 square feet of indoor space and an outdoor dining area. Legacy Park will be the 4th Nothing But Noodles location in Alabama.


pyros PYRO’S Fire Fresh Pizza

If you haven’t figured out by now, we don’t really have a fascination with fire. Our gleaming passion lies in providing not only fast & delicious food, but creating a fun, unique experience for our guests. We’ll show you how we’re different – from the minute you walk into our doors to the moment you finish your last bite. So, erase your preconceived notions and your prior experiences with pizza restaurants…and visit PYRO’S for a new one.

juicebarJuice Bar

Juice Bar is overwhelmingly vegetarian, gluten-free, organic when possible, and always uses 100% whole fruits and vegetables.  Simply said, we are a “I want to eat healthy and feel great” type place, offering yummies like our Super Greens juice with local wheat grass, or our superfoods salad with kale, spinach, organic quinoa and fresh-juiced lemon dressing.  We are truly delighted to create great-tasting, super-nutritious juices, smoothies and foods – if your favorite thing is not on our menu just let us know!  …we have fun at what we do and look forward to being of service to you in any capacity.